Vica Hikari is the decimo (10th) Espada, kidnapped and trapped in Huenco Mundo by Gin. She is very shy and delicate teenager. Vica know very Akiza, but she doesn't remember about her past, her family's names and her friends.

Vica Hikari

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Vica have a grey-blue eyes, dark brown hair, kiddy face, type arrancar sleeveless and long leggins.

Vica's full apperance

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Akiza Cifer - She is her old friend from school, they were in one Szayelaporro's experiment.

Vica and Akiza talking about Ulquiorra's death



Zanpakuto Edit

Quotes Edit

My name is Vica, nice to meet you. - To Aizen

I don't know. I can't remember my past - To Akiza

Shut up,ok. I want to kill you for Tesla Lindocruz! - To Kenpachi Zaraki

I don't trust you - To Yachiru

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