My daughter has been rise to embody the meaning of a bush clover: a blunt, candid love who treasures the bonds with her friends or family
— shunsui kyoraku
ushiro Kyoraku
Race soul
Age 15
Gender female
Professional Status
Team Division 1
Personal Status
Relatives shunsui kyoraku(father)

Kushina Hinamori(mother)

Kaito Aizen(step-older brother)

Hinata Ukitake(godsister)

nanao ise(cousin)

Momo Hinamori(Aunty)

First Appearance
Ushiro Kyoraku is a shinigami in training and the biological daughter of Shunsui Kyoraku as while as the daughter of Kushina Hinamori she is also the step sister to Kaito Kyoraku aka Aizen.

Appearance Edit

Ushiro looks very similar to her mother Kushina but just like her dad she has wavy hair and shorter hair then her. she wears the typical shinigami uniform with

personality Edit

Ushiro is a tough and hardworking girl. she is lively,tomboy-ish and unpredictable she also has a habit of teasing her father by calling him head captain instead of Dad from time to time or jumping on his back at seemly random moments she is very outspoken occasionally lashing out at others if there personal habits bother her this side of her however comes out with her dad for his habit of Drinking or her brother calling her by her nickname which she hates ,she is seemly more motivated then her teammates and willing to take charge of them. Ushiro knows a lot about different types of flowers and its meaning which she learned from her mother and sometimes making analogies with them when talking. However despite her assertiveness demeanor ushiro is kind and compassionate person at heart having been rise to embody the meaning of a bush clover: a blunt,candid love who treasure the bonds she have with her friends and family as stated by her Dad.It these treats that earned sakura okazaki friendship defending her from bullies who make fun of her and helping her become more confident in her self she care a lot about her teammates and encouraging them to be strong

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