Rika Akashiya
Race Plus
Human (Formerly)
Birthday October 27
Age 14
Gender Female
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Hana Kurosaki, Eon
Previous Occupation Caretaker of Eon
Previous Partner Eon
Hana Kurosaki
Personal Status
Relatives None
Education Eon
First Appearance

Rika Akashiya was a Human who became a Plus after she died. She was the caretaker of Eon when she was alive.


Rika is a young girl with long blonde hair styled into twin drills, with a fringe across her forehead and a single strand separated from the rest and hanging over her cheek, and light green cheerful eyes. She often wore a red headband with roses in it to hold her bang, In addition, she has a choker with roses as well.

Rika usually wore a long red, medieval-style dress with red roses. She also usually wore a set of ruby red slippers.

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