Masaki Kurosaki
Race Human
Birthday June 9
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Kurosaki Family
Base of Operations Kurosaki House, Mashiba, Karakura Town, Japan, Human World
Personal Status
Relatives Isshin Kurosaki (husband)
Ichigo Kurosaki (son)
Yuzu Kurosaki (daughter)
Karin Kurosaki (daughter)
Seiya Kurosaki (daughter-in-law)
Hana Kurosaki (granddaughter)
Suzu Kurosaki (granddaughter)
Tea Kurosaki (granddaughter)
First Appearance
Masaki Kurosaki is the mother of Ichigo, Yuzu, and Karin as well as the wife of Isshin Kurosaki. She is the grandmother of Hana, Tea, and Mizu.


Masaki is a woman of average height. She had fair skin and long light wavy brown hair down to her back that she usually had tied in a ponytail in the back and bangs down to her chin in the front as well as brown eyes. She typically wore plain dresses and wore lipstick on occasion.


Though not much was seen of her personality, her family has described her as being a very loving mother and wife.


Grand Fisher, a Hollow, used the forms of Humans whom he had devoured (mostly women) to attract other Humans with high spiritual energy, and Ichigo, who at the time could not distinguish between Souls and Humans, saw Grand Fisher's lure and ran after it. Masaki, realizing this, went after Ichigo and protected him from Grand Fisher at the cost of her own life. According to Ichigo, Masaki was the center of the family and everything that went on with the family revolved around her. Due to this fact, Ichigo's family was greatly devastated by her death.

They visit her grave every year, and that is the only day in the year Isshin smokes. The reason he smokes in front of her grave was because when they had first started dating, Masaki complimented him about how cool he looked while smoking. He also added that was the first and last time she complimented him about his appearance. Isshin hung up a large poster of her in his home, displaying the phrase "Masaki Forever".

According to Tatsuki Arisawa, Ichigo stopped crying every time he saw his mother. She claimed Ichigo had the most beautiful mother ever, and took it upon himself for her death. Isshin also thought it was his own fault his wife died. His reason being he could not get there in time to protect her from Grand Fisher. When Ichigo asked him why nobody ever blamed him for his mother's death, Isshin explained to him that he was "the man the woman I fell in love with gave her life to save." He also added that when they meet each other again, if he had ever blamed Ichigo, Masaki would not be able to forgive him.


Introductory ArcEdit