"The flaming blue eyes burn for sadness, and loneliness. Never love."
Race Shinigami
Birthday June 7
Gender Female
Height 5'2"
Weight 115.6 lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation Gotei 13, Soul Society
Occupation Lieutenant of the 1st Division
Team 1 1st Division
Partner Daisuke Yamamoto
Base of Operations 1st Division HQ, Seireitei, Soul Society
Shikai Kuro Akatsuki
Bankai Kuro Ōkami
First Appearance
Japanese Voice Yurika Hino
English Voice Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Lirin (りりん, Ririn) is the current lieutenant of the 1st Division, under the command of Daisuke Yamamoto. She has kept this post since the death of the former lieutenant, Sakura.


Lirin glowing eye

The blue flame manifested

Lirin takes the appearance of a blue-eyed pale-skinned teenage girl with long black hair tied in uneven ponytails, with the right being shorter than the left. At will, a blue flame appears from her left eye.

Her garments consists of a black jacket with a white star near the left shoulder, a black bikini-top, black shorts, and a white belt tilted to the side around her waist. Additionally, she wears black thigh-high boots, and has black fingernail polish too.



Lirin's usual emotionless attitude

Lirin, similarly to the lieutenant before her, is a kind, friendly girl. Though usually loyal and proper, Lirin becomes mean and rather cruel in battle, as seen when she cut the reincarnated-and-improved Ayon's arm off for not telling her how Sakura died, although he couldn't speak in the first place. However this battle demeanor immediately disappears after the battle, and she reverts back to the cheerful and loyal woman she was before.

Despite this, she expresses a loneliness at times, due to not having a lover or children, something she has stated she always wanted. She shows reluctance to kill, especially those who she feels don't deserve to die (i.e Fracción). However, she also expresses a high contempt for those who do deserve to die and will attack and kill these select few with little hestitation and regret.



Powers & AbilitiesEdit


Kuro Akatsuki (Japanese for "Black Dawn"):