Kuchiki Family Manor
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English Kuchiki Family Manor
Location Statistics
Type Noble Residence
Located In Soul Society
Controlled By Sayuri Kuchiki
Primary Function Residence of the Kuchiki Family
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Kuchiki Manor (朽木邸, Kuchiki yashiki) is the primary residence of the Kuchiki Family.



Byakuya training in the compound

The Kuchiki mansion sits on grounds so vast that Byakuya has his own river flowing past his private chambers. When the grounds are first entered, there is a large lake filled with Koi of impeccable pedigree that have been raised in that Kuchiki manor lake for generations. The Koi are rare, three times larger than common variety and are brilliant gold. However, the number of Koi in the lake has reduced, causing Byakuya a fair amount of annoyance. The rumour among the staff of the manor is that it is the work of the Kuchiki ghost. The truth, however, is that Yachiru Kusajishi has been catching the Koi and releasing them in the lake surrounding the Ugendō Quarters as get well presents for Jūshirō Ukitake. As a child, Byakuya trained in the compound ground. The graves of his parents, including his father Sōjun Kuchiki is located on the grounds.


Shinigami Women's Association Club Room

Yachiru has infiltrated the manor and has tunnels underneath the main house. She has used these tunnels to enter the house to ride a roller scooter that Ikkaku made for her for her birthday and constructed a Shinigami Women's Association's club room in a secret chamber inside the manor. Byakuya has tried to seal the entrance of the clubroom with little success as Yachiru continues to outwit him. Nemu even built a swimming pool for the Shinigami Women's Association in the manor grounds but Byakuya destroyed it with Senbonzakura.



Kuchiki Manor Guards

The manor is protected by a contingent of guards who dress in purple ninja-like outfits and wear headbands with the Kuchiki written on them in Kanji. Nemu and Isane encountered them when they infiltrated the manor using Yachiru's tunnels to photograph Byakuya.

Current ResidentsEdit

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