Hayate Nanalise
Race Shinigami
Birthday December 11
Gender Male
Height 5'3"
Weight 124.8 lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation Gotei 13, Soul Society
Occupation Captain of the Eighth Division
Team 8 8th Division
Partner Susumu Hideki
Base of Operations 8th Division HQ, Seireitei, Soul Society
Personal Status
Relatives Baiken Nanalise (younger sister)
Education Shin'ou Academy
First Appearance
Hayate Nanalise is the captain of the 8th Division in the Gotei 13. His lieutenant is Susumu Hideki. His younger sister, whom is also a lieutenant, is Baiken Nanalise.


Hayate has long, white, spiky hair that is held back in a high ponytail with two bangs framing his face, and dark black pupil-less eyes. He wears a great deal of armor, with two heavy plates on his arms whch are attached using strong, white straps. It should be noted these are extremely heavy and no-one else is capable of wearing them because of this weight. In addition, he wears circular padding on his arms, which are just about as heavy.

Hayate wears the traditional Shinigami uniform, with a somewhat ripped captain's haori which resembles a shawl because of the way he wears it. He wears his Zanpakutō on both sides of his body, with his shortsword on his left side. He wears white tabi and a set of geta.


Hayate is a laid-back, easy-going individual. He rarely becomes serious and is usually joking, having a strong sense of humor. He drinks sake a lot, resembling the former captain Shunsui Kyōraku in this manner. While drunk, he tends to flirt with the female lieutenants, even commenting on how pretty Baiken, his sister is, though never actually flirting with her because of their relations.

In addition to often flaunting Baiken's capabilites and beauty. he is habitually overprotective. He disapproves almost automatically of anyone dating her, and sometimes even going on missions with her. He worries about her safety constantly, even when she isn't in the field, and checks up on her often.



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