Gin Sado
Race Human
Birthday October 18
Age 13 (debut)
Gender Male
Height 144.7 cm (4'9")
Weight 44.5 kg (98.2 lbs.)
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation Hana's Group
Karakura Town
Occupation High School Student
Base of Operations Sado House, Minamikawase, Karakura Town, Japan, Human World
Personal Status
Relatives Yasutora Sado (father, deceased)
Gintora Sado (older brother/twin)
Education Mashiba Junior High School (formerly)
Karakura High School
First Appearance
Gin Sado is the youngest son of Yasutora Sado and the younger brother of Gintora Sado. He is a normal Human, unlike his brother, and has yet to develop any form of special powers.


Gin resembles his brother, Gintora. He has short blue hair, which is shorter than Gintora's, and he also wears a eye-patch but instead wears it on his right eye. He has dark-ish yellow eyes, like his brother, which usually shine with happiness. He tends to wear a long orange cloak-like shirt which covers his entire body and has long sleeves which cover his hands. The shirt also has a baggy hood, which he rarely uses.


Gin is a optimistic, and intelligent individual. He rarely thinks about the negative sides to situations and tends to be a "smarty", usually explaining things in complicated science/math terms (i.e sexual intercourse). He is intelligent for his young age of thirteen and is in the same grade as Hana, whom is fifteen at the start of the series. He tends to be highly flirty as well, such as asking Yoshida Ishida out even though she is sixteen. He can be particularly determined in his advances, as he followed Yoshida around for two days to convince her to go on a date with him.





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