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Daichi Kuchiki
Race Soul
Gender male
Professional Status
Personal Status
Relatives Byakuya Kuchiki(Father)

Hiromi Kuchiki(mother)

Aika Asai(step older sister)

Sōjun Kuchiki(Grandfather)

Education Shin'ō Academy
First Appearance

Daichi Kuchiki (朽木大地,Kuchiki Daichi) is the son of Byakuya Kuchiki and Hiromi he is the 3rd Seat of the 6th Division  under his father ,he is the older cousin of Jushiro Hitsugaya , Ichika Abarai, Kimiko Hysugaya and unborn juri Hitsugaya.


Daichi has long black hair that is loosely tied into a side ponytail. He possesses sharp features and senses,yet has relaxed but alert slate gray eyes ,Overall he bears a great resemblance to his father, though he has also inherited facial features from his mother, such as the shape of her face and eyes according to Aika , his eyes are grayer than Byakuya's. He is very handsome. Daichi wears the typical black sinigami kimono with a simple white sash he also wears fingerless white tekkō which only cover the back of his hands.


Daichi is a very stoic, quiet person who only speaks when spoken to or when something is worth saying ,like his father he always seems serene and apathetic towards other people, even while actually deeply conflicted and is notably calm in any problem he comes across.